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Ed Soehnel is co-founder and co-owner of The Light of Dog and manages the products and the farm.

Rules for hiking with your dog (infographic)

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Here's our rules for hiking with your dog: Maintain excellent health through proper diet and exercise. This makes it less likely they will eat inappropriate things due to nutritional deficiencies and will help ensure they are not overweight and have the stamina for hikes. Keep up with appropriate vaccinations (or titers) and vet checkups to [...]

Rules for interacting with wildlife

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If you take your dog on off-lead walks in nature, which is what we do every day, it is good to know some rules about wildlife interaction with your dog.  In a perfect world, we do not want our dogs interacting with any wildlife.  But the world and our dogs are not perfect, so what [...]

A short video of the leave It exercise not quite working out as hoped with this Terrier

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Objective: Practice Leave It with your dog. Process: Object on the ground. Cover item with your shoe if dog goes for said item. Reward them when the stop and make eye contact with you. What really happens instead:  You: Leave it. Teller, the Terrier: CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!

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