The benefits of play for dogs

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Play is fun for our dogs. It’s fun for us to watch our dogs having fun. But we often don’t consider all of the possible benefits of play for dogs beyond just having fun. In my training, I point out that play is a great opportunity for our dogs to learn our rules. It’s [...]

Are your dog’s chew toys safe?

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The December issue of Prevention Magazine has an article by Lisa Hoehn called The Best Chew Toys to Choose. Did you know there is no governmental oversight for the manufacturing of dogs’ chew toys? According to the article, many toys are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that include the chemicals called phthalates. Chewing products with [...]

Going “green” for your dog

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The push to “go green” is everywhere these days. Choosing options that are better for our environment and for us are also better for our dogs. We are always trying to choose better options in our daily lives, but sometimes those choices are considerably more expensive than the less “green” options. This can make “green” [...]

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