How to train an adventure dog

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Contents What is an adventure dog? Does the breed of dog matter for your adventures? Cold Weather Tips Hot Weather Tips How to train your adventure dog Age and current condition The basic training needed for any adventure General Adventure Categories Walking on lead Walking off lead around local open spaces or parks Riding [...]

Dog Trainer’s Traveling Tips from Sue Brown at The Light of Dog

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This post was originally published on El Perro Tambien and is an interview with Sue about travel tips with your dog.  It is republished below. Tell me about yourself as a trainer. How did you get started, how long have you been training, and where do you work now? ​I currently run my own business, The [...]

Rules for hiking with your dog (infographic)

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Here's our rules for hiking with your dog: Maintain excellent health through proper diet and exercise. This makes it less likely they will eat inappropriate things due to nutritional deficiencies and will help ensure they are not overweight and have the stamina for hikes. Keep up with appropriate vaccinations (or titers) and vet checkups to [...]

How we keep dogs safely secured on leash walks

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If your dog has boarded with us while you're away, you know that we treat our visitor dogs like family. Because they are family to us. And anyone who knows us also knows that keeping our dogs safe and secure is priority number one. This is why we have a securely fenced area behind our [...]

High Line Canal Trail from Fly’n B Park

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Here's a great local trail that we use often.  It's part of the High Line Canal Trail and is accessible from Fly'n B Park.  See it here on this map. Pros: Wide and level path Great views of the golf course Great smells LOTS OF BUNNIES! Cons: Can get crowded with people, dogs and bike riders Overall [...]

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