The different ways to use exercise pens makes them indispensable for dog owners

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We don't know how we would get by without exercise pens - also referred to as ex-pens. They have many uses. Our biggest use is as an added security measure around our front door to provide another layer of protection from dogs darting out the door.  We always have one up around our front door [...]

One of the products we use to naturally help take care of our dog’s teeth

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In addition to feeding our dogs a raw food diet and giving them raw meaty bones, we have found this to be an excellent product to help keep our dog's teeth clean.  It is easy to add to their food and each container lasts a long time.

With no regulatory standards for these dog products, do these 3 things to protect your dogs

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Let's talk about a major area to consider when making good choices for our dogs: quality durable products (also called hard goods), like leashes, toys and bedding. Here are a couple of facts to keep in mind: 1. While products for children have legal regulations in place that enforce standards for maximum allowable limits on [...]

Is your dog a fast eater? Don’t delay and get a slow feeder bowl now to minimize risk of bloat

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Fast eaters can raise their risk of getting bloat, a very serious condition that can quickly lead to death if not treated. Even if your dog is at lower risk of bloat, fast eaters sometimes will vomit their just-eaten meal which is also not healthy. And let's face it, it's gross! We can reduce the [...]

These interactive toys get your dog’s brain working so they burn even more energy

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We like to challenge our dogs with more difficult toys from which to extract their food. We've had the ones listed on this page for years and they hold up well and are easy to wash.  

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