Product Production Logs

One of the operational principles for our business is that what gets tracked, measured and reported, gets improved.  We have applied this principle by designing and building our own accounting and inventory database systems to help us meticulously track all the inputs for the production of our products.

We want to use the highest quality ingredients and healthiest production practices for our products, and part of that is being able to track what happens in our entire supply chain, inventory, production and sales process.

But we also wanted to design our system so that we can expose all those details to our customers to prove our claims about the superior quality of our products.

You can find more information about the product you purchased further down this page.

But first, we have provided several diagrams.  The first is how our products are produced, from the farm, in cases where we grow the ingredients, to finished product.

The second is a general overview of our accounting and inventory system and how they fit together to help us manage the products in our business.

Our Production Process

Our Accounting and Inventory System

Production Equipment

We use many common household and kitchen equipment for all of our product production.  We post that information here on our website.

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Production Logs

To find out information about the product your purchased, find the lot code and/or expiration date on your product, navigate to the tab for your product in the embedded spreadsheet below, and click the appropriate link next to the lot code/expiration date.

Our legacy approach to publishing information about our inventory and production is also in the embedded spreadsheet, but without links to additional details.

If you are having problems seeing the embedded spreadsheet, please click here to open it in a new tab. Each sheet is one product.  You can navigate to a different product by clicking on the product name from the horizontal list at the bottom of the sheet.