The Light of Dog Farm


Our Produce

The farm at The Light of Dog grow's outdoor seasonal fruits and vegetables and year-round indoor vegetables.  We include some of our produce in our Peak Power Dog Treats product. We follow organic growing practices.

Our Chickens

We do not sell our eggs but give away our eggs to clients from time to time.

Our chickens truly have the good life.  They are housed indoors in a 10x7x8 protected area with space to move around in a secure 12x8x12 outdoor attachment.  On some days, we let them free range around the property when we are outside working.  At night, we secure them in the coop and on especially cold days or nights, they are confined to the indoor area with a heat lamp.

While we have fenced-in the lower 9-acres of our property where the house, barns and the chicken coop are located, we do not regularly let them free range unless we are outside working because coyotes do come by from time to time.

We feed them organic, corn-free, soy-free and canola-free feed, which supplements their diet of bugs and plant matter that they consume while free-ranging.  We feed corn/soy/canola-free for the following reasons:

  • Most corn, soy and canola is genetically modified. We are against any GMO in the food we feed our pets and what we eat as well.
  • Corn, soy and canola can cause autoimmune issues and allergies. Some people have reactions to consuming eggs from chickens on a corn/soy/canola diet. We have noticed reactions ourselves to consuming corn/soy/canola-fed eggs and since we consume eggs from our own chickens, we feed them a corn/soy/canola-free diet to eliminate these health reactions. While we have never heard of the same reactions coming from dogs, we want to be on the safe side and only provide them eggs that are of the highest quality.

Our 2017 farm events are as follows:

  • Saturday, May 20, 9-11 am. Nature walk open to all current and past customers.
  • Saturday July 15, 5:30-7:30 pm. Nature walk open to all current and past customers.
  • Saturday, September 23, 9-11 am. Nature walk is invite only for our VIP customers. Invitations will be sent this summer.

Nature walk at The Light of Dog Farm

Free for current or past clients and customers.  Join us with your family and friendly dog(s) for a nature walk on the farm.  Walks are approximately an hour long, although you can make it as short as you wish.

Take in views of the West Plum Creek Valley and neighboring Singu ranch, and enjoy all that our local natural environment has to offer, from wildflowers to fall colors, depending upon the time of year.

Nature walk details:

  • Location: The Light of Dog Farm, 1494 S. Perry Park Rd. Sedalia CO  80135.
  • Space is limited. First come first serve.
  • Please show up on time so that we can walk as a group.
  • Only dogs who do well with other dogs and people, please. 
  • We will usually walk in light rain, but if lightning is in the area, we will not walk.

To signup for a nature walk, add to cart and checkout.  Be sure to let us know in the checkout process in the “Additional Information” step which date you wish to attend. 

Free for current or past clients and customers.