Peak Power Snack Stuffers

Peak Power Snack Stuffers – Bulk Package

  A bison+liver+pumpkin mixture to stuff into and freeze in kong-style interactive toys. Balanced product in the right proportions that mirrors the dog ancestral diet. Sold in 32-ounce glass jar.

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Snack Stuffers are a mixture of raw bison, raw beef liver and canned organic pumpkin. They can be used in kong-style interactive toys; stuff the food mixture inside and freeze them for later use.

The bison and liver are raw.  You can cook this mixture if you wish before stuffing into interactive toys.  We do not cook our mixture as we want to give our dogs as much raw food as possible for maximum nutrition.  We do not worry about raw meat juices coming out of the frozen interactive toys because our dogs love this treat so much that they will lick out all the ingredients and meat juices before they thaw. If you are concerned about raw meat on your floors, either feed outdoors or place a sheet/blanket/etc. on the floor to keep it contained and then wash the floor covering as needed.  

We use bison and organic pumpkin because these are different ingredients that we do not use in our meal and treat products.  A goal with how we feed our dogs and create products is to include as much variety as possible in the ingredients we use for our products.

Additional details about our Snack Stuffers include:

  1. 100% sourced and made in the USA.
  2. Balanced product in the right proportions that mirrors the dog ancestral diet originally developed by Steve Brown, a renowned dog nutrition and dog raw food expert. The dog ancestral diet is recommended by many leading veterinarians worldwide.
  3. NOTHING ELSE ADDED…no growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, sugar, salt, grains, preservatives, stabilizers, antioxidants, artificial colors, artificial flavors, fillers, chemicals, and no GMO (genetically modified organism).
  4. We source directly from 100% grass fed/free range only ranches that we personally inspect and that follow standards set by the American Grassfed Association for range land management, and follow standards set by the Global Animal Partnership for outstanding animal welfare. It is important to us to use and sell a product that is sourced from ranches whose animals are humanely raised.
  5. We use only organic canned pumpkin.
  6. We built our own USDA licensed kitchen on our family-owned farm to produce our products, rather than outsource to a large production facility, which is how most companies do it.
  7. Our product is handmade in small batches – and each batch is less than 15 pounds each.
  8. We use packaging that is recyclable and/or biodegradable and use only glass or stainless steel in our entire production process.

When you buy from us, you are supporting the ranches, farms and smal