Dog Food Products

Imagine the food we fed our children every day came from a large bag we stored in our garages. Doesn't sound very healthy or tasty, right?

But that's what we do with our dogs.

That convenience of food that sits out – sometimes for months – means the way dog food is produced and sold requires products to be highly processed without any fresh ingredients. That means inferior nutrition.

But it also means products that often add unnecessary ingredients to make it more palatable.

Our dogs deserve better.

We're on a mission to create the highest quality dog food products in the world!

  • We source our meat ingredients from 100% grass fed/free range only ranches that we personally inspect and that follow standards set by the American Grassfed Association for range land management, and follow standards set by the Global Animal Partnership for outstanding animal welfare. It is important to us to use and sell a product that is sourced from ranches whose animals are humanely raised.
  • Our fruits, vegetables and additional ingredients are organic, some of which are grown on our family farm.
  • We produce in our own USDA licensed kitchen on our family farm.
  • Our products have no growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, sugar, salt, grains, preservatives, stabilizers, antioxidants, artificial colors, artificial flavors, fillers, chemicals, and no GMO (genetically modified organism).

We think the best way to talk food for dogs is to provide an easy way to think about how to feed our dogs.

We humans have food pyramids, why not something similar for our dogs?

So we developed the Food Stack For Dogs, which is our roadmap for how we feed our dogs and develop food products for The Light of Dog.

Please click here to learn more about the Food Stack For Dogs and how it can help you feed your dog.