Peak Power Raw Dog Food – Beef Blend


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  • Each package is three pounds of raw dog food
  • The healthiest commercial dog food available, using truly grass fed/free range meats, from animals raised in humane ways.
  • Organic vegetables and fruits, some that we grow on our farm,  and organic whole food supplements.
  • No growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, sugar, salt, grains, preservatives, stabilizers, antioxidants, artificial colors, artificial flavors, fillers, chemicals, and no GMO (genetically modified organism).
  • Produced in our own USDA licensed kitchen on our farm.
  • We deliver to you, ready to serve. Just defrost. No weighing or combining foods or guessing.
  • Purchase of this product includes our beef blend formula (ingredients below).
  • Please review the Raw Dog Food Transition Guide & Frequently Asked Questions for questions and specific instructions on how to feed raw and about delivery.

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Ingredients and sources by batch code

We post the production log online so you can see for yourself the specifics on your particular batch. We believe in being transparent about our sourcing and production so you are fully informed on what your are purchasing from us.

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Product Description

Beef Blend Formula

The specific ingredients in our beef blend is in the Raw Dog Food Transition Guide & Frequently Asked Questions. Please click here to open that document.

Why we went raw and why you really should do the same

There is no disputing the fact that dogs are just like humans – we cannot function at optimal health eating processed and packaged food.  Research is abundantly clear on this.

Do you think it is reasonable for you to eat packaged mac and cheese for every meal?  Of course not…we know that we humans need whole, unprocessed fresh foods.

The same goes for our dogs.  Giving them processed, dried food full of synthetic ingredients is not healthy for them, and how do you think they feel eating the same food for every meal?

Our dog's deserve better, research is clear that they need better, and we have made it easy for you to give your dogs the absolute best in raw dog food.

The Food Hierarchy

Foods available for our dogs follow this hierarchy, from unhealthy to most healthy:

  1. Dry dog food
  2. Dry dog food (kibble) with raw ingredients added;
  3. Canned dog food;
  4. Freeze dried dog food (subjected to irradiation or HPP);
  5. Raw dog food purchased that comes frozen or refrigerated (subjected to irradiation or HPP);
  6. Freeze dried dog food (not subjected to irradiation HPP);
  7. Raw dog food purchased that comes frozen or refrigerated (not subjected to irradiation or high-pressure processing (HPP);

Actually, all this food on this list except for #7 is really unhealthy. There are just degrees of unhealthy, with dry dog food being the worst.

While a Raw Dog Food diet that you purchase commercially is light years ahead of anything further up the list, when it is subjected to irradiation or HPP (high pressure processing), it is almost no better than the other processed foods on this list.

Great, you might think.  I'll just go to my pet food retailer and get some raw dog food that is not subjected to irradiation or HPP.

That is what we thought…

There are varying levels of quality in raw dog food, even if your purchase product that is not subject to irradiation or HPP

All raw dog food that we know of, which includes commercial ones you purchase in retail, order online, or dog food co-ops that you purchase from, still does not use the healthiest ingredients available.  We know because we have looked just about everywhere when we were switching our dogs to raw in 2012.  And we continue to search far and wide and still do not see the quality we want.

The reason is cost.  We humans are use to cheap, processed food, so when we see truly healthy food the way it is suppose to be, it is far more expensive, but we opt for the cheaper stuff anyway.

Pet food providers simply respond to what we consumers want, and cheap food is the order of the day.

But they can label foods with just about anything they want to make it sound healthy, without proving it, so you might think you are getting a quality product, but in fact, you are not.

But we said “NO” to all of that.  So much so that we had to go back to the drawing board and develop our own process for obtaining the healthest, highest quality ingredients that we can find.

It should not be that hard to get quality food, but it is, because our food system, especially dog food, has evolved since World War II in deep ways to make it hard to source anything that is truly healthy.

What makes our Raw Dog Food different

Most dog food is comprised of meat.  We not only purchase direct from ranches that raise the meat, but also we scrutinize how they raise meat, because that is an enormous factor in whether the product is healthy or not.

Feedlot beef, which comprises more than 94% of U.S. produced meat, is unhealthy, which research is proven.

Further, it is inhumane to the animals, and actually incr