Would you enjoy your time away more if you knew your dog was in a home being treated like family? When you return, do you feel as if you are starting over with your training? Are you concerned about your dog being in a kennel all day at a boarding facility or alone all day at home except for a couple of short visits by a petsitter?

If you want the very best for your dog, then our Boarding option is for you. Your dog will certainly be thrilled to see you when you return, but dogs who stay with us are having too much fun on their own vacation to worry while you are gone.  They will have the company of other dogs (but not too many), lots of comfortable places to nap, and of course lots of time hanging out with us! They can play in the fenced back yard or sun themselves on the deck. They have 13.5 acres of property to explore on walks.

Zuzu was so excited about our indoor training and play area that she put this video together to persuade future boarders to schedule stays. (Unfortunately, Zuzu is no longer with us, but Zooka is very excited about new friends coming to stay with us. )

Dogs must be house-trained, crate trained and dog-friendly.  We are not able to take dogs with aggression issues and dogs that can jump over a 6-foot fence.

Our current boarding rate is $70/day for adult dogs 8-months and older, and $80/day for puppies under 8-months of age.  We require a 25% non-refundable deposit on the boarding stay in order to secure the boarding dates.  Receipt of payment of the deposit secures the boarding dates for your dog.

If you are working on training issues, such as basic household manners, coming when called, or leash manners, you may purchase Training Sessions during Boarding. We currently offer Training Sessions during Boarding at 20% off the current rate for Private Training Sessions.

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Prior to boarding, please do the following:

  1. Check the boarding calendar to determine if  space is available during your desired Boarding dates.
  2. Contact us to discuss your Boarding needs and to determine if we are a good fit if your dog has not previously stayed with us.
  3. Complete the Boarding Registration Form here.
  4. Make the deposit payment to secure the boarding dates for your dog.

Payment Options

  • Payment is accepted in the form of check, money order, or credit card.
  • If you are paying by check or money order, please make payable to Love My Dog Training. Payment in full is due when you pick up your dog.

For puppies under 8-months of age, please use this payment option:

$80.00Add to cart

For Adult dogs 8-months and older, please use this payment option:

$70.00Add to cart