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Ed Soehnel is co-founder and co-owner of The Light of Dog and manages the products and the farm.

Introduction to other dog for class

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Bailey is the Black Lab mix in this video. She was recently adopted and the owners wanted to know if she could join an upcoming group class. Two concerns for her were her fearfulness at new/unexpected things and her unknown behavior with other dogs. So they brought her out for a quick visit for [...]

How to rank dog food options, categorized from highest to lowest quality

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This infographic scale is from our resource guide, How to Make Healthy Food Choices For Your Dog, a 40-page document that we researched, wrote and keep updated about how to make healthy food choices for your dog. The best foods choices to feed your dog are ordered according to this infographic. However, this list is only [...]

The Functional Medicine Approach to health for your dog

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This is a great framework that helps solve health issues and maintaining optimum health for your dog. Ed adapted this framework to fix his own chronic health issues. It is still relatively new but being used in human health by more progressive health care practitioners. It is something you can use not just for your [...]

Production Log for Peak Power Dog Beef Treats Semi-Soft/Chewy on Saturday July 28 2018

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We make available to the public the supply chain, inventory and production details about our products. This post contains information from a specific product production run.  More information about our product production logs is here. The feature picture includes Sally, a Great Dane boarding with us when we made this production run.  She was [...]

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