Basic Dog Training Online Course

The one crucial element that most dog trainers fail to teach

that I specifically address in all my training, including group classes, private training and my Basic Dog Training Online Course

Hi, this is Sue, from The Light Of Dog.

With 20 years of dog training experience, I have had so many clients over the years who came to me after having failed in their training efforts with their dogs.

And the reason why is because of one crucial element that most dog trainers fail to teach.

Many trainers can help you with a well-trained dog, but what most people really want is a well-behaved dog.

A well-behaved dog is one who makes good choices on his own without always being told what to do. If a dog does what he is told, then he is probably a well-trained dog who, for example, sits for greetings when told to do so.

That is certainly good for impressing guests when they come over to your house.

However, a well-behaved dog will make the choice to greet politely without having to be reminded or told what to do. Likewise, while a well-trained dog might heel when told, a well-behaved dog will walk nicely on a loose leash without needing frequent reminders.

If your dog does what he’s told but makes poor choices when left to his own devices, then you will still encounter many problems. You certainly don’t want to have to be telling your dog what to do every minute of the day!

But that is exactly what people often have to do after going through traditional dog training.

My training is designed to help you not just achieve a well-trained dog, but one that is also well-behaved. I can tell you in my years of experience, all families that come to me for group classes or private training want a well-behaved dog.  However, most other training programs only focus on a well-trained dog.

What you will get in my Basic Dog Training Online Course

When you act now, you will get instant access to videos, handouts and worksheets to my Basic Dog Training Online Course, which includes the following:

  1. Understanding the difference between a well-trained and well-behaved dog and why that matters;
  2. Helping you work through a base level of understanding about your dog to be able to set realistic goals and expectations using our downloadable worksheet;
  3. Learning how management is critical to changing your dog's behavior;
  4. Using the training techniques that will help you understand how dogs learn, why they do what they do, and how to effectively train them;
  5. Learning how to work through typical puppy topics such as housetraining, crate training, chewing and nipping;
  6. Understanding the four core foundation behaviors that form the basis for all other training;
  7. Helping your dog to control their impulses and learn self control as well as teaching them to come when called and great leash manners.

My Basic Dog Training Online Course is broken into sections that you walk through sequentially to achieve a well-trained and well-behaved dog.   It includes:

  • 60 videos: length between 1 minute and 11 minutes. Clips are taken from my classes and from video I recorded specifically for this online course;
  • 34 handouts in PDF format;
  • and, my Goals, Expectations & Management Worksheet in PDF format.

You can download and save to your device the PDF documents.

See below for a detailed outline of everything you have access to in my course.

When you act now, you will also learn the following bonus items that I have added:

  1. Videos where I teach you how to understand your dog’s body language so you can clearly read signs from your dog of confusion, stress or fear, which are significant impediments to training your dog quickly and effectively;
  2. Simple dog tricks in my videos that are designed to not only advance your dog's training, but more importantly, keep their brains active and therefore, healthy as they age;
  3. The problem solving model I developed in my book, JUVENILE DELINQUENT DOGS: The Complete Guide to Saving Your Sanity and Successfully Living with Your Adolescent Dog, which will help you work through one of the most common complaints about dogs – jumping on people.

And of course, this training, and my entire website, is optimized for any device, so you can access the training on your phone wherever you happen to be with your dog.

Since one of the things I teach in this training is to train in many short training sessions throughout the day, you can easily refer back to this training on your phone as needed to accommodate this training regimen.

Lifetime Access

Finally, you have lifetime access to this training.

Rather than charge you a monthly fee like other online training programs, I would rather you not feel pressured to use the training within a period of time.

You can go through the training at your own and your dog's pace, and come back anytime for a refresher or for future dogs that you bring into your household.

Lifetime access also means that as I add to and improve the training, I will let you know via email so you can access those future updates.

Immediate Access

When you purchase this product, you will be required to create a password on checkout to access its contents.  Your email address used in the checkout will be your username.  After your purchase is complete, you can login from the My Account link at the top right of any page to access this product.

So, don't let another day go by…learn how to have a well-trained and well-behaved dog in no time with my Basic Dog Training Online Course.