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The rules of puppy play – and eliminating puppy nipping

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Puppy nipping and biting is a common problem. The problem often spills over into adolescence and sometimes even adulthood. How do I get my puppy/adolescent/adult dog to stop nipping?! If the nipping is happening during [...]

A short video of the leave It exercise not quite working out as hoped with this Terrier

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Objective: Practice Leave It with your dog. Process: Object on the ground. Cover item with your shoe if dog goes for said item. Reward them when the stop and make eye contact with you. [...]

A handy guide to buying chicken (for dogs and humans)

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We are big believers in purchasing humanely raised and healthy chicken, both for Ed and for our dogs' raw food diet (Sue is a vegetarian, so no chicken for her!). Maybe you feed your [...]

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