About Sue Brown, MNM, CDBC, CPDT-KA

Sue Brown is co-founder and co-owner of The Light of Dog and manages all the Dog Training and Dog Boarding for the business.

Cues and Expectations

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In this short video, I discuss Cues and Expectations. There might be some new things in here for some, mostly a good reminder for others. A few fun facts about this video: This was shot when Romeo was 8.5 weeks old. Notice he is napping on my lap. We had just finished his lunch [...]

Beginning training with 8.5 week old puppy

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In this video, Romeo is 8.5 weeks old. We brought him home just a couple of days before he was 8 weeks old, so in this video he has been in our home for just under one week. He is working for his lunch here, and earns his entire lunch by working for it. [...]

Benefits of training your dog

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In past posts, I have discussed the benefits of group dog training classes, private dog training and dog sports for non-competitors. Aside from the type of training you choose, there are benefits simply to training your dog. Yes, even if your dog is already relatively well-behaved. Most people think dog training is only needed when [...]

Planning for the new year – dog training edition

2017-12-04T17:51:50+00:00 By |Categories: Dog Training|0 Comments

Our December newsletter each year is our "Year End" issue. The end of the year is a traditional time to reflect on our accomplishments from the past year. And to honestly review where we might have fallen short on our goals. Did you accomplish what you wanted this past year in regard to your dog? [...]

The perks of play with puppies (and adult dogs)

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Whether your dog is a puppy, an adolescent, an adult or a senior, there are perks to play at any age. One of the reasons we get along so well with dogs is that we all love to play well into adulthood. We love to have fun and so do they! But we often [...]

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