Happy 6th Birthday to Romeo! No longer an adolescent dog (June 2015)

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Romeo was born on June 8, 2009. I first met him on June 23, at just two weeks old. We brought him home on August 1 of that year, just a few days shy of eight weeks old. There are some things I miss about that time, like that small period of time when [...]

How spring gardening may lead to your dog digging and how to prevent it

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While we generally encourage you to include your dogs in your activities as much as possible, spring planting or gardening might not be a good group activity because it can lead to your dog digging. If you are doing some spring planting, it might seem like a no-brainer to have your dog with you so [...]

Is your dog marking in the house?

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There are two general acts dogs commit that are deal-breakers for many households. The first is biting people, especially if there are young children in the house. The other is an act that requires clean-up. In some cases, this is destructiveness, in others it’s urinating or defecating or marking in the house. When dogs [...]

Dog training session vs the real world

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Does this sound familiar? “He does it perfectly when we’re practicing our dog training. But when we’re not, he doesn't listen!” If that sounds like your situation, then you need to take your dog training to the next level! We like to blame our dogs when this happens. He performs beautifully when you have the [...]

Does this dog sit or not? The choice has consequences

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Does this dog sit or not sit? That was the question. We have a Vizsla staying with us for our 28 day Board & Train program. She was just over halfway through her program, and she had a decision to make. For two weeks, she’d been learning that before we head out for our daily walks, all [...]

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