How To Make Healthy Food Choices For Your Dog

How would you like to have a healthier dog?

Fewer health issues can mean longer life, lower vet bills, and a much happier dog

There is what seems to be an endless supply of books, articles, studies and other content about feeding our dogs.

And we read about as much of it as we can, not just because part of our business is selling healthy dog food, but also because we make more than 95% of the food we feed our own dogs, so we have to be knowledgeable so that the food meets their dietary needs.

But for most people, they do not have the time to stay on top of the latest research and content about feeding their dogs.

That's why we assembled several tools to spare dog owners from having to do all their own research and reading.

These tools represent our process for how we go about selecting food to feed our dogs and we have published that process to benefit others.

With these tools:

You can have a healthier dog;

And with health comes potentially a longer life;

With lower vet bills;

And a much happier dog because they will feel better.

What Is Included With These Tools

The Resource Guide

A comprehensive document on making healthy dog food choices

We have written a comprehensive document which covers the following topics:

 How to select the right foods to purchase and avoid the ones that are not healthy;

The foods and ingredients to absolutely avoid;

How to scrutinize the ingredients in the food you give your dog;

How to do an apples to apples comparison between dog food products to see which ones are healthier;

How to choose quality protein sources

…and more.

This Resource Guide is in PDF format.



The Quick Reference Tool

A color-coded infographic for fast and easy reference of what you learn in The Resource Guide

You'll receive the Quick Reference Tool that summarizes many of the recommendations from The Resource Guide into a color-coded infographic for fast and easy reference of what you learn in The Resource Guide.

The Quick Reference Guide is an infographic in an image format (jpg) that you can download or you can bookmark the URL to refer to it as needed.



The Dog Food Comparison Worksheet Tool

A calculations tool lets you compare dog foods

You'll receive the Dog Food Comparison Worksheet Tool that lets you compare your food to the optimal diet for dogs and see if you are off or not.

The Dog Food Worksheet Tool is a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet that can also be opened and used in the free Google Sheets program.


Video Tutorials