The Light of Dog Food Products FAQs

This page contains detailed information about our product deliveries and how to use our products.

It is organized based on our Food Stack For Dogs, which is our roadmap for how we feed our dogs and develop food products for The Light of Dog.

If you have a question not addressed on this page or if you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

Table of Contents

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How does the monthly delivery work and where do you deliver?

We deliver to you at your home or business or desired location on the first Tuesday of every month.  We will confirm with you your order and delivery the week before. We cannot give you an approximate time of delivery, other than delivery will take place sometime between 9 am and 5 pm.

If you do not plan to be at your delivery location when we drop off, you will need to make plans for us to leave the food with you.  The easiest is to leave a cooler or styrofoam box or boxes outside so we can easily put the food inside.

Our service area is metro Denver including Boulder, south to Monument.

Minimum order amount for delivery is $100.00

Do you offer a discount if I pick up from you?

You can also pick up from us, either from the farm or from Sue when she holds classes offsite. Please click here for Sue’s offsite class locations.<