Peak Power Immune Booster

Peak Power Immune Booster

  Whole food ingredients to help a dog's immune system, with goat's milk 24-hour cultured yogurt, whole organic turmeric root and locally-sourced honey.  Comes in a 15-ounce glass jar.

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Our Immune Booster contains whole food ingredients to help a dog's immune system, including non-pasteurized goat's milk yogurt, sourced direct from one of our ranchers, whole organic turmeric root – not the ground spice – and honey sourced from one of our local Colorado farms.

We source the goat's milk and culture the yogurt over 24-hours.  There are times during the year when we are not able to source the goat's milk from our rancher, in which case we purchase goat's milk from our local health food store.

The turmeric root is whole, fresh root, which packs a lot more nutrients in this unadulterated state versus the ground spice.

We package our Immune Booster in glass containers and use only stainless steel and glass in our entire production process.

When you buy from us, you are supporting the ranches, farms and small companies like us that produce with care and concern for livestock, land, environment and our beloved dogs. And, you are shifting your buying dollars away from the rest of the commercial pet food industry that has no such interests in mind.


We use 15-ounce glass jars for this product, which are great to reuse or recycle.  We are happy to take back your used jars, as we can reuse them for our production.  Just drop them off to us during classes, private training sessions or if you board your dog with us.