The Light of Dog is the result of our passions
converging into our livelihood.

Hello! We are Sue Brown and Ed Soehnel, spouses and owners of The Light of Dog. We want to welcome you to our world of dogs.

The Light of Dog is completely a reflection of our lifestyle – which revolves around our dogs – both personally and professionally.

Sue started out in 1996 volunteering at local shelters and training her own dog and then wanting to help others, she started her dog training business in 2003.

Ed was not happy with dog products we were buying for our dogs, so he started creating his own and then Sue's clients started asking if they could purchase.

That blossomed into us moving in 2009 to 14-acres and remodeling the old house on the property to include an indoor training and in-home boarding facility, space to produce our products and land to grow actual food and do fun things with the dogs.

Yes, we are complete dog lifestyle junkies.

Sue's Professional Background

Sue conducts all training under The Light of Dog (some of you might still remember us as Love My Dog Training) – our business in south metro Denver, Colorado, since 2004.  Sue has been providing dog training and behavior counseling since 1996.

Current Titles:

  • Certified Dog Behavior Consultant
  • Certified Professional Dog Trainer
  • Founder & President of the Colorado Dog Trainers Network
  • The Boss, The Alpha, The Momma
  • The Provider of All Good Things

Known for:

Her designations include:


  • The ability to find the good in every dog, no matter how naughty they might appear to be
  • The ability to work seven days a week and not drop from exhaustion