Peak Power Raw Dog Food

raw dog food

The healthiest commercial dog food available, using truly grass fed/free range meats, from animals raised in humane ways.

Organic vegetables and fruits, some that we grow on our farm,  and organic whole food supplements.

No growth hormones, antibiotics, pesticides, synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, sugar, salt, grains, preservatives, stabilizers, antioxidants, artificial colors, artificial flavors, fillers, chemicals, and no GMO (genetically modified organism).

Produced in our own USDA licensed kitchen on our farm.

We deliver to you, ready to serve. Just defrost. No weighing or combining foods or guessing.

Peak Power Raw Dog Food – Beef Blend

  The healthiest commercial raw dog food you can find, developed and produced by us in our own USDA licensed kitchen.  Sold in 3-pound packages.

  This product is delivered monthly.  Click here for details.  Plan to pick up from us at the farm or at our class locations?  Then take $6 off each package with this coupon code:  RawDogFoodPickup

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  We will credit you $1 on your next order for every 2-quart container you return to us in a clean condition

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