Raw Dog Food Preparation Video & Guide

One of the best decisions we ever made for our dogs was switching them to a raw dog food diet. Their health has improved, they are happier, and we have lower vet bills. And we were shocked at how easy it was to do once we learned how.

We have made it easy for you to learn as well with our Raw Dog Food Preparation Video & Guide

When we first started out, we had no one to guide us, so it took us some time.

You see, when we started down this path, we were disappointed in the information we were getting out of books written for loving and passionate dog owners like us who wanted to switch their dogs to a raw food diet. They were very general and missed so many details that it was impossible to use them reliably to provide our dogs with a nutritious and well-balanced diet. And this was book after book after article after scholarly source…we think we read them all.

  • The biggest problem was the lack of information about exactly how much of given ingredients to combine.
  • The second problem was the lack of information about how to gauge the quality of the ingredients, which makes an enormous difference in giving dogs healthy food.
  • A third problem was that no book talked about the process – purchasing food, assembly and clean up after working with raw dog food.
  • And a fourth problem – every book was telling us how important it is to balance the phosphorus and calcium, but not one told us what that means in specific weights and quantities of ingredients!

I mean, you would expect that if someone wrote a book, the idea behind the book is to tell you how to do it exactly so you can just follow along.

Our Raw Dog Food Preparation Process

Well, we got through our own extensive research process and trial and error in the early days of making raw dog food. By taking bits and pieces of information here and there from the various books and research sources, we were able to develop our process that has turned out to be hugely beneficial for our dogs.

Now, our process is so easy that we don't think about it. We have learned to integrate it into our own process for food shopping, meal preparation and clean up for the food we eat ourselves. And that is the way it should be – easy, integrated into what you already do to feed your own family, and something you do not need to think about.

And like several of our other products we sell – we created them first to solve our own problem – we started having clients ask us about our raw dog food preparation process, so we developed a seminar to teach it. And that lead to us developing this course so that anyone can access it at any time on any device, rather than waiting for us to teach the next seminar.

The Raw Dog Food Preparation Video & Guide is designed so you can get started right away. No books to read or research to digest and assimilate. We have taken all the guesswork out and through extensive video tutorials coupled with our calculations tools, you will know immediately what you need to do.

It is so easy that once you start doing it, you will wonder why you did not start doing it sooner. And because you can access it on any device, you can start right now and transition your dog to a raw food diet in a matter of days.

We can tell you it took us months to transition with all the reading and research we had to do, but you do not have to go through that.

Here is how we have organized the Raw Dog Food Preparation Video & Guide:

  1. The overview is the jumping off point to the sequential sections you need to go through. You can always come back to this page to quickly go to a section you want to cover again or to download one of the included tools.
  2. Section 1 runs through the common kitchen tools and equipment you will need; most of them you probably already have and for a few you might not have, we provide ways you may be able to get by without them.
  3. Section 2 tells you the ingredients you will need, how to gauge good quality food and where to find such food.
  4. Section 3 tells you the easy and proper way to clean after handling raw dog food; so many people are afraid of this when they do not need to be – it's no different from when you work with raw food already when you cook for the rest of your family.
  5. Section 4 tells you the exact quantities to use to give you balanced and healthy meals; this is the brains of the Raw Dog Food PreparationVideo & Guide – a worksheet tool that allows you to plug in weights of core ingredients and it tells you exactly how much of each ingredient you will need.
  6. Section 5 shows you how we assemble raw dog food in our own kitchen – our own step by step process that makes it easy and relatively fast.
  7. And, Section 6 tells you how to adjust some of the supplements based on the ingredients you used, especially calcium, and how to incorporate raw dog food preparation into your usual weekly and monthly routine.

You will also receive access to several additional important tools:

  1. The Meat-Poultry-Fish Quality Action Guide:  a PDF that summarizes how the U.S Dept of Agriculture rates meat quality.  Since meat comprises more than 70% of our raw dog food diet, it is hugely important to know how to select quality meat to feed your dog.
  2. An article we wrote on the differences between grass fed and grain fed feedlot beef and why you really need to be selecting grass fed meats for not just your dog's health, but the rest of your family as well.
  3. The spreadsheet tool that is the brains of our Raw Dog Food Preparation Guide. This tool is an easy to use calculator that tells you exactly how much of a given ingredient to use based on weights you are assembling.
  4. The Quick Reference Sheet that takes summary bullet points from each section and video tutorial and includes in a PDF so you can quickly refer to a section rather than have to see the video again.

Why Switch To Raw Dog Food

Research has proven that dogs function best on a raw food diet, not on cooked and processes food, which includes all kibble dog foods. What's more, you could purchase already prepared commercial raw dog food, but unfortunately, due to onerous government regulations, those foods are barely one step better than their commercial dried kibble versions because they are so heavily processed.

Current regulations do not require commercial dog food companies to provide information about ingredient quality or sources. Further, regulations do not specify what is considered quality ingredients, so commercial dog food companies can say whatever they want without being challenged. This includes companies that produce and sell pre-packaged raw dog foods.

And it is not just the processing of the foods, which is bad enough. Most commercial pet foods do not meet the protein, fat and carbohydrate requirements that are shown to be healthiest for dogs. Protein, especially, and beneficial fats are reduced in favor of loading up commercial foods with cheaper carbohydrate sources or inferior sources of protein from plant-based products.

And how about the mystery ingredients? One European study we found concluded that more than 80% of commercial dog foods tested contained ingredients not listed on the labe