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Classes and Events


Our Sunday class sessions are held at our farm in Sedalia with many benefits to class attendees.

We have an indoor area with shock absorbing anti-fatigue flooring for inclement weather and an outdoor securely fenced area.

Class attendees are free to explore our farm prior to or following class with their dogs. We have trails to hike and benches to sit and enjoy the views. Dogs can enjoy all the smells found out in the country.


Our events are available only for current and past customers and free of charge to attend.

We give away eggs from our chickens and produce from our farm – subject to availability.

Guest are free to visit the farm and explore with their dogs on the trails we have built and enjoy the views and the country environment on our sitting benches. Take in views of the West Plum Creek Valley and neighboring Singu ranch, and enjoy all that our local natural environment has to offer, from wildflowers to fall colors, depending upon the time of year.

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Event details: 

  • Location: The Light of Dog Farm, 1494 S. Perry Park Rd. Sedalia CO  80135.
  • Time:  Anytime from 10-4 pm.  Registration required (see below). Please plan to leave the farm no later than 4:00 pm.
  • Space is limited. First come first serve.
  • Rules: please see What To Do At The Light of Dog Farm

How to Register for an Event

Free for current or past clients and customers.

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The Light of Dog Farm Pics

Map of the Farm

Farm History

The Light of Dog Farm is a work in progress.  We purchased the property in 2009 as a foreclosure and got everything you might expect with a foreclosure – a good price, but an enormous mess, too!

Since then we have remodeled most of the house, fixed the barns, removed many many large piles of junk left over from the previous owners, built hiking trails and sitting benches, created agriculture space for growing food for our products (and for our personal consumption),  installed lots of fencing to provide added security for visiting dogs, lots of work with a chainsaw, and more.

We converted one side of our home to be used for our business, which includes a commercial licensed kitchen for creating food products and a large multi-purpose room for boarding and indoor dog play and space for light R&D and manufacturing.

Our Produce

The farm at The Light of Dog grows outdoor seasonal organic fruits and vegetables and year-round indoor vegetables.  We include some of our produce in our Peak Power Dog Treats and Peak Power Raw Dog Food products. We follow organic growing practices.

Our Chickens

We do not sell our eggs but give away our eggs to clients and referring vets and businesses from time to time. Many  of the eggs go into our Peak Power Raw Dog Food.

Our chickens truly have the good life.  They are housed indoors in a 10x7x8 protected area with space to move around in a secure 12x8x12 outdoor attachment.  On some days, we let them free range around the property when we are outside working and the coyotes are not lurking.  At night, we secure them in the coop and on especially cold days or nights, they are confined to the indoor area with a heat lamp.

We feed them organic, corn-free, soy-free and canola-free feed, which supplements their diet of bugs and plant matter that they consume while free-ranging.  We feed corn/soy/canola-free for the following reasons:

  • Most corn, soy and canola is genetically modified. We work hard to avoid any GMO in the food we feed our pets and what we eat as well.
  • Corn, soy and canola can cause autoimmune issues and allergies. Some people have reactions to consuming eggs from chickens on a corn/soy/canola diet. We have noticed reactions ourselves to consuming corn/soy/canola-fed eggs and since we consume eggs from our own chickens, we feed them a corn/soy/canola-free diet to eliminate these health reactions. While we have never heard of the same reactions coming from dogs, we want to be on the safe side and only provide them eggs that are of the highest quality.

The Future For The Farm

Our future plans depend on expansion of the business, but may include building a separate building (another barn) on our property with additional office, light R&D and manufacturing space, expanding the seasonal outdoor and year-round indoor agriculture, and installing solar and wind power to make our home and business completely sustainable using renewable energy sources .