Week 14: More play dates, more training, more field trips

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This post is part of our weekly series on raising our Vizsla puppy, Zooka.  You can use our posts as a guide to help raise your own puppy, regardless of breed. Keep in mind that different breeds might develop at different rates, so while you can do these things with any breed, your breed [...]

Try To Avoid All Dog Products Made Outside of The U.S. Or Canada

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This tip is part of our resource guide, How To Make Healthy Food Choices For Your Dog, a comprehensive document which covers the following topics: (1) How to select the right foods to purchase and avoid the ones that are not healthy; (2) The foods and ingredients to absolutely avoid; (3) How to scrutinize the ingredients in the food [...]

Production Log for Peak Power Dog Beef Treats Semi-Soft/Chewy on Saturday, May 4 2019

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We make available to the public the supply chain, inventory and production details about our products. This post contains information from a specific product production run.  More information about our product production logs is here. The feature image is Lucy, a Goldendoodle who was a boarding guest with us at the time. Inventory and [...]

Introduction to other dog for class

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Bailey is the Black Lab mix in this video. She was recently adopted and the owners wanted to know if she could join an upcoming group class. Two concerns for her were her fearfulness at new/unexpected things and her unknown behavior with other dogs. So they brought her out for a quick visit for [...]

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