The rules of puppy play – and eliminating puppy nipping

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Puppy nipping and biting is a common problem. The problem often spills over into adolescence and sometimes even adulthood. How do I get my puppy/adolescent/adult dog to stop nipping?! If the nipping is happening during play - or attempts to instigate play - then one of the answers to the problem is to look at [...]

Training tip – chase game with kids and dogs

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A chase game with kids and dogs is often a favorite among both kids and puppies. Kids love to run. Puppies love to chase. Sounds like a great way for both to burn off energy, right? It is, until puppies start to nip when they catch up to the child. Sometimes the game of Chase [...]

Nipping puppies and mouthy adolescents, part 3

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This is part 3 in my series on addressing nippy and mouthy behavior in puppies, adolescent dogs, or even adult dogs who have not yet learned that teeth on human skin (and the clothing that houses human skin) is not acceptable. In the first installment, I discussed the importance of teaching our dogs alternative behaviors in [...]

Dog social skills with puppies

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When you live with an adolescent dog, there are some days when you wonder if s/he will ever mature. I certainly have had those thoughts about Romeo some days. (July 2011) One of my objectives with raising a dog from puppyhood was to build great social skills so that he could assist me in my [...]

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