What to do if your puppy or dog gets carsick

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You bring home your new puppy and are excited to take him with you to new places. You want to get started meeting new people and start your lifetime of adventures together. But on the way to your first adventure, your pup gets sick and vomits in the car. The next time, it happens again. [...]

The rules of puppy play – and eliminating puppy nipping

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Puppy nipping and biting is a common problem. The problem often spills over into adolescence and sometimes even adulthood. How do I get my puppy/adolescent/adult dog to stop nipping?! If the nipping is happening during play - or attempts to instigate play - then one of the answers to the problem is to look at [...]

When will my dog stop the biting, nipping, mouthing behaviors?

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If you know anything about living with a puppy, you will expect some nipping, biting, or mouthing sort of behaviors. It's just a fact of life when you live with a puppy. The question, though, is how long does that behavior actually last? Does a puppy just outgrow it at some point? This is where [...]

If your dog digs holes

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Dogs love to dig holes! There are a variety of reasons why a dog digs holes. Some examples include: *To burn off energy *To get at something (buried treasure, rodents underground, etc.) *To escape or get somewhere else *For fun *As a stress reliever *To find a cool spot to lie down Some dogs will [...]

When walking your dog is no fun

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Some people don’t enjoy walking their dogs because the dogs are so over-the-top excited, they leap around and make it difficult to get leashed up; they knock people over trying to rush out the door; and they practically yank arms out of their sockets dragging people down the sidewalk. Other people have the opposite problem: [...]

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