Keep these in mind about training your dog and you’ll keep your sanity

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Even though we are dog junkies, we'll be the first to admit that they can test our sanity and patience. It is not always sunshine and happiness! And we're sure the same goes for you. You see, dogs have three distinct phases in their developmental process and as they move from one phase to the [...]

Should we get a puppy or adult dog?

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This article is part of our E-book, ASK THE TRAINER: Answers to common questions about dog training and behavior issues, including jumping, leash manners, aggression, fearfulness, and more.     Question: We are ready to get a new dog. We have heard it’s better to start from scratch [...]

Is your dog barking at nothing? Or is there really something there?

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One morning, Zuzu was out in our back yard and started barking. We could not see anything, but clearly she believed there was something on our property but outside of our securely fenced "back yard" area. We brought her in. She continued to bark. We let her back out, she continued to bark. Though we [...]

Walking with your dog: are you both tuned in?

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Walking with your dog should be a pleasant experience for both of you. If it's not, you might need to work on some leash manners. In this video, we are helping Loki, the Boston Terrier puppy, get started on his leash manners. This demo during Puppy Preschool Class is helping Loki to understand that we [...]

Long Line Exercise: Voluntary Connection

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In this exercise, the objective is NOT to call your dog to Come or ask them to do anything else. The objective is to see what kind of connection your dog has without any prompting from you. We typically use long lines of around 20 feet for this exercise. Dogs can explore and do [...]

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