Buried treasure. Does your dog bury things? Zooka does!

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Zooka is around 5.5 months old at this writing. This is the stage where we head into adolescence, so we can sometimes see behaviors crop up that we have not previously seen. This past week, he has found a couple of carrots from our garden that either did not get harvested or got dropped along [...]

Dogs need opportunities to be dogs!

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This post is taken from my book, Juvenile Delinquent Dogs: The Complete Guide to Saving Your Sanity and Successfully Living with Your Adolescent Dog. Dogs need opportunities to be dogs! When dealing with the antics of an adolescent dog, it is easy to forget why you love [...]

What to do if your puppy or dog gets carsick

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You bring home your new puppy and are excited to take him with you to new places. You want to get started meeting new people and start your lifetime of adventures together. But on the way to your first adventure, your pup gets sick and vomits in the car. The next time, it happens again. [...]

Is My Dog Making Good Choices: Zuzu and the Deer

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Anyone who has worked with me knows that I focus a lot on my dog making good choices. Many of us want well-trained dogs, but ALL of us want well-behaved dogs who make good decisions without needing to be told or prompted by us. On this particular day, Zuzu and I encountered a half [...]

How do I stop my dog from digging?

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This article is part of our E-book, ASK THE TRAINER: Answers to common questions about dog training and behavior issues, including jumping, leash manners, aggression, fearfulness, and more.     Question: My dog has started digging holes in my back yard. How do I stop my dog from [...]

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