Week 25: new cues for training, allowing more access in the house, and his puppy teeth are gone!

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This post is part of our weekly series on raising our Vizsla puppy, Zooka.  You can use our posts as a guide to help raise your own puppy, regardless of breed. Keep in mind that different breeds might develop at different rates, so while you can do these things with any breed, your breed [...]

Fear periods or sensitive periods for puppies – Zooka goes through one

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Perhaps you have heard that puppies and/or adolescent dogs sometimes go through a "fear period" - though a "sensitive period" might be the more appropriate term. Puppies can go through a more sensitive period in the eight to eleven week range. Some professionals also believe that adolescent dogs also can go through another sensitive period [...]

Buried treasure. Does your dog bury things? Zooka does!

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Zooka is around 5.5 months old at this writing. This is the stage where we head into adolescence, so we can sometimes see behaviors crop up that we have not previously seen. This past week, he has found a couple of carrots from our garden that either did not get harvested or got dropped along [...]

Is My Dog Making Good Choices: Zuzu and the Deer

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Anyone who has worked with me knows that I focus a lot on my dog making good choices. Many of us want well-trained dogs, but ALL of us want well-behaved dogs who make good decisions without needing to be told or prompted by us. On this particular day, Zuzu and I encountered a half [...]

If your dog is aggressive or reactive on leash toward other dogs

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If you have a dog who barks and lunges at other dogs when on leash, you are not alone. In fact, it is one of the most common issues I work with in private training sessions. Most of my clients dealing with this issue feel somewhat isolated. They walk through their neighborhood and their neighbors [...]

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