In memory of Zuzu: October 28, 2013 – June 30, 2019

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We lost our girl Zuzu on June 30, 2019. She did not even make it to her sixth birthday. We feel cheated at losing her so young. With her feisty spirit, we thought for sure she would live to a very old age. She had a feisty spirit from the start and did not [...]

How do I stop my dog from digging?

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This article is part of our E-book, ASK THE TRAINER: Answers to common questions about dog training and behavior issues, including jumping, leash manners, aggression, fearfulness, and more.     Question: My dog has started digging holes in my back yard. How do I stop my dog from [...]

Bully sticks that we use for our dogs and which work well for some heavy chewers

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We try to keep our purchases of commercial dog food products at a minimum in favor of our own food products, since quality is suspect in any commercial dog food product, regardless of what they say about the product. For chewing, we try to stick with raw meaty knuckle bones that are large enough [...]

April 2019 Issue: articles on choosing a puppy vs adult dog; keeping your sanity; nutritional value of dog food; teeth cleaning, exercise pens and more

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We live on a farm with our dogs and strive to give them the best lives possible through a natural, holistic, healthy and fun lifestyle.  Our magazine includes content from our website categorized according to the following six major areas:  Choosing My Dog, Healthcare For My Dog, Training For My Dog, Nutrition For My Dog, Products For My [...]

What is your dog’s favorite napping spot?

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All of us took naps as children. Some of us needed it more than others, I would venture to guess. Then we all reached a point where we decided we were "too old" for naps. Then at some point during adulthood, we decided we actually like naps again if we were fortunate enough to find [...]

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