Beginning training with 8.5 week old puppy

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In this video, Romeo is 8.5 weeks old. We brought him home just a couple of days before he was 8 weeks old, so in this video he has been in our home for just under one week. He is working for his lunch here, and earns his entire lunch by working for it. [...]

Is your dog earning freedoms?

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Just when you think your dog has a particular skill mastered. . . she gives you a reality check! Just when you think you can relax and let your guard down. . . he reminds you that you should never get TOO comfortable! Zuzu usually (but not always!) makes good decisions on our off-leash [...]

How much dog food do I feed?

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How much dog food should your dog be eating? Just as in dog training, questions about feeding also are often answered with: “It depends.” There is no one easy answer to this question. Romeo and Zuzu stay lean in part by getting lots of exercise. If you feed your dog a commercial kibble, [...]

Exposure to new things, Halloween version

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Puppies go through a critical development phase during which exposure (safely and positively!) to new things is critical for their development. The more exposure they get in safe, fun, positive ways the better for their social development. Romeo at the Halloween store However, it’s just as important to continue their socialization and exposure [...]

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