Zuzu’s 5th Birthday

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Zuzu turns five on October 28, 2018. At five, she is considered an adult. Theoretically, a mature adult. Though that could be debated on some days. When our dogs are puppies or adolescents, sometimes we can't wait for them to "grow up" and be mature adults. Then sometimes we reminisce about those carefree puppy days [...]

Beginning training with 8.5 week old puppy

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In this video, Romeo is 8.5 weeks old. We brought him home just a couple of days before he was 8 weeks old, so in this video he has been in our home for just under one week. He is working for his lunch here, and earns his entire lunch by working for it. [...]

Is your dog earning freedoms?

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Just when you think your dog has a particular skill mastered. . . she gives you a reality check! Just when you think you can relax and let your guard down. . . he reminds you that you should never get TOO comfortable! Zuzu usually (but not always!) makes good decisions on our off-leash [...]

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