What is your dog’s favorite napping spot?

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All of us took naps as children. Some of us needed it more than others, I would venture to guess. Then we all reached a point where we decided we were "too old" for naps. Then at some point during adulthood, we decided we actually like naps again if we were fortunate enough to find [...]

Is your dog barking at nothing? Or is there really something there?

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One morning, Zuzu was out in our back yard and started barking. We could not see anything, but clearly she believed there was something on our property but outside of our securely fenced "back yard" area. We brought her in. She continued to bark. We let her back out, she continued to bark. Though we [...]

Demo of Parkour Skills and Giving Your Dog Choices

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In this video, Zuzu is practicing on some obstacles that are more challenging than the usual ones we encounter. Some of these logs are narrower than she is used to, so you might see some trouble getting on them, or some wobbling once she is on. Some of the logs are rotting and falling [...]

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