Does this dog sit or not? The choice has consequences

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Does this dog sit or not sit? That was the question. We have a Vizsla staying with us for our 28 day Board & Train program. She was just over halfway through her program, and she had a decision to make. For two weeks, she’d been learning that before we head out for our daily walks, all [...]

“Wait” for permission to greet/investigate

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My dogs are not allowed to greet without permission, regardless of whether it’s dogs or people. But I also want my dogs to wait before chasing something or checking out something interesting. That can be even harder than waiting to greet for some dogs. A situation we encountered recently brought to mind how very important [...]

The moving wait dog training tip

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If you’ve done any training with your dog, you are most likely familiar with the “Wait” cue.  Wait means “do not proceed forward until you have permission.” In my group classes, I teach this in Puppy Preschool Class and Basic Training Class. We continue working on it in the advanced classes. The Stay says to [...]

When to start training a new puppy

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How soon can I start training my new puppy? It’s a question I get frequently for clients who have just brought home a new puppy. Many people are under the unfortunate idea that they need to wait. They don’t! We brought Zuzu, our Greyhound puppy, home at just shy of 6 weeks of age. The [...]

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