Week 2: introduction to stuffed animals, distinct odors through essential oils, sound desensitizing music and toenail clipping

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The content below is the week summary of the update from our Vizsla breeder on the things she does with the puppies and where they are at in their development. The activities below are an example of what a reputable breeders does to help puppies prepare to live their best lives. This post is part of our [...]

What is appropriate exercise for a puppy or adolescent dog?

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What is appropriate exercise for a puppy? What KIND of exercise should you give your puppy? How much is too much? How much is not enough? This is one of those Catch-22 situations. Puppies in general have a LOT of energy. And we need to make sure we are finding ways to help them [...]

With no regulatory standards for these dog products, do these 3 things to protect your dogs

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Let's talk about a major area to consider when making good choices for our dogs: quality durable products (also called hard goods), like leashes, toys and bedding. Here are a couple of facts to keep in mind: 1. While products for children have legal regulations in place that enforce standards for maximum allowable limits on [...]

The Functional Medicine Approach to health for your dog

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This is a great framework that helps solve health issues and maintaining optimum health for your dog. Ed adapted this framework to fix his own chronic health issues. It is still relatively new but being used in human health by more progressive health care practitioners. It is something you can use not just for your [...]

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