Cold weather tips for your dog

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If you are a die-hard dog walker, you have probably noticed that there are a limited number of us. As the weather turns colder, wetter, windier, or anything less than ideal, the number of people walking their dogs dwindles. We tend to see fewer people out with their dogs when the weather is not [...]

Want some dog mental stimulation ideas? Here is Romeo’s daily mental and physical workout routine

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Here is a short video of Romeo's daily mental and physical workout routine (from January 2017), with some dog mental stimulation ideas that you can try on your own.  And, some added help from Zuzu to make it more challenging.

The causes of disease and health problems in our pets and the one major thing you can do to help prevent them

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Medical research tells us that heath challenges result from any or a combination of the following: Nutritional deficiencies Exposure to environmental toxins Pathogen overgrowth While genetic makeup can play a role, research is telling us that it takes its cues from what is going on in the above three areas before expressing itself. Pathogen overgrowth also [...]

What goes into making commercial dog treats and tips on buying the healthiest ones for your dog

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When purchasing commercial dog treats, there are three considerations that manufacturers keep in mind: safety, convenience, health. Safety Meat has pathogens in it, and regulations for making commercial dog food and treats are very strict in eliminating pathogens because of the potential to cause harm to people, not necessarily dogs. The main pathogens in raw [...]

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