Training treats compatible with raw diets

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We often recommend using meals for training. This helps us to minimize the treats we use, reduce the overall amount of food we give to avoid unwanted weight gain, and also helps us focus on a better balanced and nutritious diet for our dogs. However, for those of us who feed a raw diet, [...]

A handy guide to buying chicken (for dogs and humans)

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We are big believers in purchasing humanely raised and healthy chicken, both for Ed and for our dogs' raw food diet (Sue is a vegetarian, so no chicken for her!). Maybe you feed your dog a raw or home-cooked diet. Maybe you supplement their dry food with fresh meat. Maybe you do none of [...]

The causes of disease and health problems in our pets and the one major thing you can do to help prevent them

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Medical research tells us that heath challenges result from any or a combination of the following: Nutritional deficiencies Exposure to environmental toxins Pathogen overgrowth While genetic makeup can play a role, research is telling us that it takes its cues from what is going on in the above three areas before expressing itself. Pathogen overgrowth also [...]

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