How we keep dogs safely secured on leash walks

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If your dog has boarded with us while you're away, you know that we treat our visitor dogs like family. Because they are family to us. And anyone who knows us also knows that keeping our dogs safe and secure is priority number one. This is why we have a securely fenced area behind our [...]

Is your dog biting the leash?

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Do both you and your dog enjoy your walks? Developing good leash manners is one of the top requests I hear. One of the complaints is a dog biting the leash, grabbing it or tugging at it. In the majority of these cases, the dog in question is a Labrador Retriever. Sound familiar to anyone [...]

How I Use Off-Leash Control With My Dog

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Clients often want to know what off-leash control looks like with my 2 year old Vizsla, Romeo, so here it is. In places where it is not safe to be off-leash, Romeo is attached to me on a 20 foot line. In this video, the 20 foot line is still attached to him but not [...]

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