Clients often want to know what off-leash control looks like with my 2 year old Vizsla, Romeo, so here it is.

In places where it is not safe to be off-leash, Romeo is attached to me on a 20 foot line. In this video, the 20 foot line is still attached to him but not to me. I'm staying in a relatively small space for purposes of the video, but normally we are moving around more.

You will see me giving cues such as “this way” (changing direction), “wait” (do not proceed forward until released with “go”), “check in” (return to me, sit and watch me until released with “go”) and “with me” (walk beside or behind but do not pass me).

Later in the video, I do not give any cues but wait to see what Romeo chooses to do. Once he realizes I am heading a different direction, he joins me.