If your dog has boarded with us while you're away, you know that we treat our visitor dogs like family. Because they are family to us. And anyone who knows us also knows that keeping our dogs safe and secure is priority number one. This is why we have a securely fenced area behind our house for all the dogs to play, hang out and take care of business. We also have a four foot fence surrounding the west/lower portion of our property. This includes gates at both driveways that are closed unless people are arriving or departing.

When it comes to walking dogs, we also add in additional security measures to keep dogs safely secured on leash. The level of security we add depends upon the dogs. The video here shows how we address security for our visiting dogs: who are new to us;  who we know to be somewhat skittish or fearful; who have a high prey drive; or any others we feel have an added need for a higher level of security.