The complete checklist for evaluating dog boarding, dog kennel and pet sitting options

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Most dog owners will need to board their dogs at some point. Some need to board their dogs frequently. For some, it is a rare need. Whether it is due to travel for work, [...]

Tips on managing and monitoring productive puppy play groups

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It's fun to watch puppies play! But if we just let them play with no guidance or proper supervision, we can develop problems that can continue for the rest of a dog's life. During [...]

Does your puppy know “Sit”? Are you sure? (Hint: it's about the context!)

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We think of Sit as a pretty easy cue to teach our dogs. For some dogs, it might even be the only thing they learn. But here's something to think about. . . What [...]

How to rank dog food options, categorized from highest to lowest quality

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This infographic scale is from our resource guide, How to Make Healthy Food Choices For Your Dog, a 40-page document that we researched, wrote and keep updated about how to make healthy food choices for your [...]

The Functional Medicine Approach to health for your dog

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This is a great framework that helps solve health issues and maintaining optimum health for your dog. Ed adapted this framework to fix his own chronic health issues. It is still relatively new but being [...]

Video of Dog Parkour Class with a Greyhound, Lab mix and a Golden Doodle

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This includes a number of unedited clips from one of our Dog Parkour classes with a Greyhound, Lab mix and a Golden Doodle taken from our farm location using the parkour obstacles we have [...]

Legacy Family Farms

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This is the landing page for Legacy Family Farms, one of the ranches from which we purchase for our pet food products.  We will be adding a profile of this ranch in 2018, which will [...]

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