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Lifelong stages of training – and happy 7th birthday Romeo! (June 2016)

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Romeo turned 7 years old on June 8, 2016. Each June I take some time to reflect on all he and I have been through together. If you have a copy of Juvenile Delinquent Dogs, [...]

Does your dog have a high “prey drive”?

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You might hear people say that their dog has a high prey drive or strong predatory behavior. What does that mean? Typically, people mean that their dog has a strong desire to chase, sometimes to [...]

When will my dog stop the biting, nipping, mouthing behaviors?

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If you know anything about living with a puppy, you will expect some nipping, biting, or mouthing sort of behaviors. It's just a fact of life when you live with a puppy. The question, though, [...]

Is your dog aggressive or reactive when on leash?

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One of the most common issues I am asked for help with is reactivity or aggression while on leash. You are walking your dog, and when another dog passes by, your dog barks and lunges. This [...]

Benefits of dog sports for non-competitors

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There are a wide variety of dog sports available today, some of which you might not even know exist. We tend to think of dog sports as only for those who want to compete. And [...]

Benefits of group dog training classes

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If you're reading this, you hopefully already know the benefits of training your dog. Sometimes though, it's hard to determine the best format to use for the training goals you have. There are lots of [...]

Assessing the status of your dog's training

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As humans, we love to categorize and label things. We love being able to compartmentalize everything in our lives. We break time down into years, months, days, hours, etc. And we like to use special [...]

Is an assertive dog good or bad?

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Zuzu turned 2 years old on October 28 (2015). She was just six weeks old when we brought her home. Just a tiny little thing. But even before we brought her home, we could see [...]

What goes into making commercial dog treats and tips on buying the healthiest ones for your dog

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When purchasing commercial dog treats, there are three considerations that manufacturers keep in mind: safety, convenience, health. Safety Meat has pathogens in it, and regulations for making commercial dog food and treats are very strict [...]

Does playing tug with a dog cause aggression?

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I often hear people say they do not play tug with their dogs because they were told it causes aggression. If I had a dollar for every time I have heard this, I could take [...]

The sourcing, production and packaging for Peak Power Dog Treats and how we do it differently from other dog food companies

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This article details our entire process for sourcing, producing and delivering our Peak Power Dog Treat products.  We want to be as transparent as possible with our processes so that customers have confidence we are [...]

Why choose grass fed beef for your dog

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I eat beef from 100% grass fed cows from small Colorado ranches.  It's the same meat we feed our dogs. I've known for some time that the health benefits of grass fed beef are [...]

Happy 6th Birthday to Romeo! No longer an adolescent dog (June 2015)

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Romeo was born on June 8, 2009. I first met him on June 23, at just two weeks old. We brought him home on August 1 of that year, just a few days shy [...]

How spring gardening may lead to your dog digging and how to prevent it

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While we generally encourage you to include your dogs in your activities as much as possible, spring planting or gardening might not be a good group activity because it can lead to your dog digging. [...]

Soil amendments for our Colorado farm

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Our small farm in Colorado includes in-ground seasonal production from mid-April through September and year-round indoor hydroponic production.  If you are growing in-ground in Colorado, planning on doing so, or just thinking about it, and [...]

Is your dog burying a bone or other objects?

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There are many reasons dogs dig holes, none of which are usually met with any enthusiasm from the people in the household. A dog burying a bone or other objects, like expensive bully sticks, bones, [...]

High Line Canal trail near Chatfield Reservoir

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Here's a great local trail that we use often.  It's part of the High Line Canal Trail and borders Chatfield Reservoir.  See it here on this map. Pros: Wide and level path Wide-open views Great smells [...]

Is your dog biting the leash?

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Do both you and your dog enjoy your walks? Developing good leash manners is one of the top requests I hear. One of the complaints is a dog biting the leash, grabbing it or tugging [...]

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