February 2020 Issue: Leash manners, housetraining tips, dealing with your dog’s distractions and month eight of raising and training a Vizsla

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IN THIS ISSUE ISSUE # 114  February 2020 Train My Dog: Walk the dinosaur – I mean, the dog. Leash manners with Zook | Housetraining Tips | Dealing with your dog's distractions: Zooka on a walk edition | Zooka training session – Heel, Fetch & other stuff How To Raise & Train a Vizsla: [...]

January 2020 Issue: A dogs-in-art treasure we found hidden away for decades, and raising a Vizsla, weeks 30 and 31

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IN THIS ISSUE ISSUE # 113  January 2020 Dogs In Art:  Family history behind a print from British Victorian artist Thomas Blinks -  A Treasure We Found Hidden Away For Decades How To Raise & Train a Vizsla:  Weeks 30 through 31 Calendar: Classes and Events Schedule Click Here [...]