What To Do At The Light of Dog Farm


Rules while you are at the farm

  • Please enter through the north gate (see picture above) and exit through the south gate (see farm property map below); if it is snowy/muddy, all wheel or four wheel drive vehicles are best if you have them.
  • Please plan to leave the farm no later than 4:00 pm for visitors. (If you are here for class that runs later, this of course does not apply!)
  • Please park only in designated areas. If you require handicapped or special parking, please let us know and we will be happy to accomodate your needs.
  • Dogs must be on leash at all times – even when exiting vehicles – and under direct supervision.
  • Dogs should only greet other dogs with permission; some dogs need a bit more space than others, so please be respectful.
  • Please obey no public access/private signs and do not walk in those areas. The no access areas are primarily around the A-frame private residence and the attached fenced back yard area. Please be respectful and keep your distance from our resident dogs and our visiting boarding dogs.
  • Please clean up after your dog.  We have trash cans available next to our main barn/training facility.
  • Please dispose of all other trash in the trash cans near the training facility/barn as well.
  • While you are welcome to visit our chickens, please do not allow dogs to harass our chickens in their coop by lunging at them and barking.  Please move your dog away if this occurs.
  • If it is warm, you might want to bring water/water bowl for your dog to take along for walks.  Water is available near our training barn, but not on the remainder of the farm.
  • Please do not remove flowers, rocks or anything else from the farm.
  • Please dress accordingly; sometimes weather is different here than it is in Denver so come prepared; if it is wet/snowy/muddy, it can be slippery so sometimes boots or shoes with good traction are preferable.  
  • Please do not disturb class sessions. You are welcome to talk with Sue in between class sessions.  Ed is typically in his office located next to the Reception Room (attached to the main house) and you are welcome to visit him there if you need something.  


Human restrooms are located in the Reception Room (attached to the main house). Canine restrooms are located in the great outdoors.

Food items for you and your dog

Free coffee, tea, hot cocoa and other food items for you and your dog are located in the commercial kitchen attached to the Reception Room.

Please bring your own travel mug if you can so we can limit the use of disposable cups.

Farm property map

What to do at the farm


We built trails and sitting benches around the property.  For short walks, stick to the lower part of the property and the south meadow.

For longer walks, head up the hill and to the far east side of the property.

We do have trails around the property, but for the most part, you are welcome to explore anywhere except areas designated as No Public Access. The entire property is outlined with a fence so you will know when you hit the end of our property.


Feel free to stop by and say hello to our rooster and hens. But please be respectful and do not allow our hens to be harrassed. This is a good chance to teach your dog to be polite around other species!


Keep an eye out for bunnies, deer, coyotes and other wildlife. If your dog likes to chase wildlife, make sure you have a good hold on the leash! You might also spot cattle, horses, or donkeys on the neighboring ranch.


  • From the top of the hill, look north and you will get great views of the Singu Ranch, a 1200-acre free range cattle and horse ranch.
  • Look northwest for a rock nub protruding out of the top of the ridge.  This is Elephant Rock.
  • Also look northwest for a near vertical sheet of rock face at the base of the immediate mountain ridge. This is Bee Rock.
  • Look to the south to spot Dawson Butte.
  • From the sitting bench at the far east side of the property, on clear days look northwest to spot Mt. Evans and Longs Peak.


We have what we call a micro-farm that is currently about 1/4 of an acre for seasonal growing.  We grow carrots and various kinds of squash for our dog food products and personal consumption.  We have tested many crops but have found these crops work best for growing on our land.  


During the spring and summer, we have lots of blooming flowers. See how many you can find from the images we have taken below. Please don’t pick the flowers, but feel free to take photos.