CLIENT CORNER For Basic Training Classes


Client Corner accompanies the Basic Training classes:

  • Online access to a library of high quality video clips and handouts developed and produced by highly-experienced trainer Sue Brown; practicing since 1996; Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants; Certified Professional Dog Trainer through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers; and author of 2 books on dog training.
  • These can be used as a refresher from class, to stay caught up if you need to miss a class, or for family members wanting to participate but unable to attend sessions.
  • Please do not purchase Client Corner unless you are enrolled in a Basic Training class with us.  If you are interested in an online dog training course, please click here.

Product Description

Client Corner accompanies the Basic Training dog training classes:

How would you like to get faster and better results with your basic training classes?

The one thing we have found that helps people like you the most who attend basic training is learning repetition. We meet only 1-hour per week, but what would be best is if we could meet everyday so that you can learn on a repeated basis what you need to do to develop an obedient dog for your family. While this would give you maximum results, it just is not practical to pay us to meet with you everyday during the 7-week class.

So, we put together the next best thing, which is an extension of Sue Brown, the trainer at The Light of Dog, that you can use.

We have created detailed instructional video's that repeat and reinforce what Sue teaches you in class each week so that when you leave class, you can utilize the online videos daily, or as often as you want, to reinforce what she teaches. You don't have to worry about trying to remember what she said, or trying to take notes while you are handling your dog in class.

Just think how much easier it will be if you can access these videos anytime and anyplace so that you stay consistent with what you learned in class and don't have to fumble through notes or struggle to remember what Sue taught you.

But, there's more. we have created written handouts on what Sue teaches in class, so you can also use them in addition to the videos. And, the handouts are in PDF format, so you can download them if you wish and save them to your device for quick access anytime.

Lifetime Access

Finally, you have lifetime access to Client Corner.

After class ends, you can always come back to get a refresher on what you learned in class.

Lifetime access also means that as we add to and improve the training, we will let you know via email so you can access those future updates.

Don't miss your chance for faster and better training results from daily access to what Sue teaches.

Please do not purchase Client Corner unless you are enrolled in Basic Training with us.  If you are interested in an online dog training course, please click here.


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