What is an adventure dog?

Defining an adventure dog is different to everyone.

Traditionally, we might think an adventure dog as one who is does a lot of outdoor-related activity with their owners.

But in reality, an adventure dog is what you define him/her to be.

It could be a dog that goes outdoors for skiing, backpacking, hunting, etc.

Or it could be you just want your dog to go with you on car rides, or walks around the neighborhood or your local parks.

So to encompass this wide range of activities, we think of an adventure dog as any that gets out with you away from the inside of your home or your yard.

Does the breed of dog matter for your adventures?

Yes, in general.

Let's say you want to do a lot of outdoor winter activities. As a result, you might want to look for a breed that is best suited for the winter snow and cold.

But “a lot” is the key to consider.  Our Vizsla, Romeo, clearly prefered warm-weather.  His breed was not designed for cold weather. We called him the solar puppy because one of his favorite things was to lie in the sunroom and soak up the warmth of the sun.

But he did just fine in the cold and snow for us because we knew his limitations and how to manage his needs.  If we want to go snowshoeing and the weather is not expected to be sunny and calm and above 25 degrees, then we would not take him for any extended period of time.

Our Greyhound Zuzu is the exact opposite.  She loves the cold and hates hot weather.  She is one we can take snowshoeing for an extended period of time regardless of the conditions, but if it is going to be sunny and above 65 degrees, then we have to be careful that she gets rest breaks in the shade often. If it's too hot, we can't take her along.

All dogs have