The worst part about living with dogs is when we lose them. Sometimes we know it's coming. Sometimes we don't. Either way, it's difficult to say goodbye.

We lost Romeo, our beloved Vizsla suddenly on Friday, May 18, 2018. Exactly three weeks shy of his 9th birthday, June 9, 2018.

By all accounts, he should have easily made it to his 9th birthday and well beyond. Up until the week of his death, he was the fittest nearly 9 year old dog you could ever meet.

Romeo needed and loved a lot of activity. We did off leash walks twice a day.

Once in a while that did not happen due to weather, injury or such, but that was the exception. For the vast majority of his life with us, he got those two daily off leash walks.

But our walks were also about climbing, jumping, doing tricks, and in other ways getting activity other than just walking or running.

He was raised by a Greyhound – Jahzara was 7 when we brought him home. We lost her in 2012, just past her 10th birthday – it was actually May 19, 2012.

She taught him well and turned him into a speed demon – though he never could quite catch her. Which frustrated him to no end that his big sister could always beat him in a race!  She was such a great big sister to him, so patient and gentle. And it was not always easy to be patient with Romeo as a youngster.

Then Zuzu came along at the end of 2013. Once she developed her speed, he once again got left in the dust, but boy did he give her a run for her money! He couldn't help but be fast with those two in his life.  And for the record, he was not quite as patient and gentle with Zuzu as Jahzara was with him. He was mostly a good big brother, but sometimes he could be a jerk. But they learned to love each other and got along great. Romeo taught Zuzu not to take crap from anyone else.