Anyone who has worked with me knows that I focus a lot on helping dogs to make good choices.

Many of us want well-trained dogs, but ALL of us want well-behaved dogs who make good decisions without needing to be told or prompted by us.

In this video, Zuzu is encountering a herd of 1500 goats! She met two goats years ago when she was around 7 months old or so. Has not seen any since. In this video Zuzu has just turned 5 years old.

As a sighthound, Zuzu loves to (and is quite good at!) chasing animals. So our objective here is to see if Zuzu can make good choices and be calm around the goats without trying to chase them. There are no cues and no prompting given to her during the entire video. She is rewarded for making good choices.

What do you think, did she do a good job?