This month's mashup includes short clips of the following:

  • Harley chasing the snow shovel;
  • Timelapse of snow storm from nothing to white-out conditions;
  • Timelapse of fence repair under beautiful skies and shorts and shirt sleeves (March of this year happened to be a mix of all seasons);
  • Boarding dogs playing;
  • Timelapse of sunrise – not our best but a sunrise is always a gift to watch;
  • Timelapse of spring work on our pet gravesite.  We buried the ashes of one of our previous Greyhounds, Jahzara, who passed away in 2012, and put up a grave sign for her and seeded the area with wildflowers for the upcoming year. Romeo, our Vizsla, who passed away in 2018, is also buried here.
  • An almost full-days timelapse, from before sunrise, of the sky and mountains.  This capture shows the line above where the mountains stop and the plains start where clouds were forming, along with passing contrails of jets overhead.