We are always trying to do different stuff with photography and videography.  For the month of October, we captured sunrises, sunsets, and snowstorms to create time-lapse videos below.   All of this was captured from The Light of Dog Farm.

When we woke up one morning in early October and looked east, we saw the potential for a great sunrise, so we took this footage.

This time-lapse of a snow storm, followed by clearing and sunset, includes 679 pictures taken 15 seconds apart over 3 hours 23 minutes.

This time-lapse includes 365 images taken 2-seconds apart over 36-minutes to capture this sunrise.

This sunrise time-lapse was video taken from our south meadow looking southwest.

This sunrise has some stunning colors and contrasts, shot from our south meadow looking east.

This sunrise video was shot looking east and includes reds, then yellow and blues.

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