The Association of Pet Dog Trainers is a professional organization with over 6,000 members worldwide and is focused on educating trainers. Their annual conference draws around 1,500 attendees along with other educational opportunities such as webinars and their bimonthly publication, The APDT Chronicle of the Dog.

My article titled Default Behaviors was published in the May/June 2012 Chronicle. The article lays out a step-by-step plan for trainers to assist their clients in understanding and developing default behaviors in their own dogs.

The example I lay out in the article is based on a prior client whose dog would dart out an open door at any opportunity and run off through the neighborhood, sometimes for hours at a time. I helped them establish a default behavior of waiting at doorways for permission to cross the threshold.

Not only was this an important training issue but most importantly, a safety issue. Far too many dogs who have developed a habit of darting out open doorways end up hit by cars or lost.

I also discuss Default Behaviors in my book Juvenile Delinquent Dogs: The Complete Guide
to Saving Your Sanity and Successfully Living With Your Adolescent Dog