Most dog owners are familiar with Kong toys. Though for many, they are only familiar with the original classic Kong – the one shaped like a snowman.

But Kong has an enormous line of toys. Whether as fetch toys, chew toys or stuffers, they have multiple uses.

We prefer the Kong Rubber Toys. The rubber toys come in the adult red, hardier black for the heavier chewers, softer pink and blue for puppies and a softer purple version for seniors.

We like that these Kong toys have holes on BOTH ends, not just one hole at the bottom, which can injure your dog when it sticks it's tongue in the hole and a vacuum is created and the tongue cannot be removed.

We primarily use the Kong Classic for our snack stuffers.  We created our Peak Power Snack Stuffer formula and specifically use it in the many Kongs that we have for our dogs.

Here are different Kong toys that we have and use regularly.