What we keep on hand for pee and poop accidents with our dogs

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We use vinegar for almost all of our cleaning, especially on surfaces where dogs may come in contact.  For pee or poop accidents on carpets or fabric surfaces, we always have Nature's Miracle Enzymatic Cleaner close by.  We keep some not only in our home, but also in our vehicles.

Our complete first aid kit for dogs

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Our first aid kit for dogs doubles as one for our dogs and us humans.  We have found with our research, and taking both in-class and online dog and human first aid trainings, that the first aid kit items are the same, except with the addition of a couple of other items [...]

The problem with tennis balls for playing fetch and what we use instead

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If your dogs like to play fetch  or otherwise play with or chew on a ball, a tennis ball might seem like an obvious choice.  The problem is that the fuzz on the ball acts like a bench grinder and wears down their teeth. Depending on the size of your dog, there is also [...]

Bully sticks that we use for our dogs and which work well for some heavy chewers

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We try to keep our purchases of commercial dog food products at a minimum in favor of our own food products, since quality is suspect in any commercial dog food product, regardless of what they say about the product. For chewing, we try to stick with raw meaty knuckle bones that are large enough [...]

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