I recently started a new class with Romeo (August 2010). We meet at a variety of parks and focus on improving our dogs’ leash manners. Even though I am a professional trainer and work with Romeo a lot on my own, a class is a great place to work on our issues. We are working around others who are working on the same skills, and I can get feedback and tips from another trainer to improve my work with Romeo.

Romeo and I had not been to the park we met at this week. I made it a point to arrive well before class began to help Romeo settle in before expecting too much from him. He gets a chance to get in a few smells before I release him to jump out of my vehicle. Then I ask him to check in with me before I give him permission to sniff around the nearest trees and grass. By giving him a little time to get out a few smells and go potty if needed, he is better able to focus on me once class gets started.