In this exercise, the objective is NOT to call your dog to Come or ask them to do anything else. The objective is to see what kind of connection your dog has without any prompting from you. We typically use long lines of around 20 feet for this exercise. Dogs can explore and do what they want as long as they are within that 20 foot distance. However, what we are looking for is the dogs to voluntarily connect back with their handlers. Do they make the choice to come back to you when you do not ask for it?

For our own dogs, this is one of the objectives they must succeed at before earning off leash privileges. While we want our dogs to listen when we ask them to Come, Wait, etc., it is just as important – if not more so – for them to stay tuned in with us and offer connection on their own without prompting from us.

As you can see in the video, Bogie does a pretty good job at connecting back with his handler!